Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Cat Blogging - aka PARTY TIME

Welcome to Weekend Cat Blogging!

As you know this is mine dancing blog - 'acuase ME loves to DANCEDANCEDANCE!!! So we will haf some fun today reading bloggies and DANCING!!!

oh goodness, Sammy was right? Tell me Cloon - alien, woofie or bird

Abby, ME feels the same way you does about low fat crud. Oh, and Sammy is passed out from swooning ofur you!

Cameron, has a bit of amnesia, and a really cool video!!



Ernie is thinking about a new career

Ok, so the mom lady person here fell for it Flynn ME hopes you felted it all the way akross the pond!!

Hey Sammie and Clemmie!! ME hopes you gotted lots of green papers for that!!

ME is the Dancing Queen!!

oh dear, poor Legend is forced to go on strike!!

Well, ME thinks that there is a Cats wif Jobs theme here today even Noli has one 

Next Week's host Catsynth enjoyed some sun this week - well Luna did 'speshully!

Ok, ME has hearded this song LOTS since the mom lady person does dancing to the oldies video workouts but ME loves this video!


Werd up West40 critters we lives by those werds too (and ME is hopelessly not hip)

Sounds like it was FUNFUNFUN at Derby and Ducky's yesterday!!!

Ok, if you all want to play, leave me your linkie in the comments!!! If you play there will be more dancing!!!!


Eric and Flynn said...

Great WCB party Billy.

Cloon said...

Billy, you got it goin' on over here! Thanks for being such a great host, we checked out all the stories and it was excellent and thanks for sharing all your music videos with us. PS: Do you samba, moonwalk or macarena? Because theese are my favorite dances.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, we love the Hammertime video. Thanks for bringing us this weekend cat blogging. We had fun dancing.

ML said...

O,this is fun. Do you know Auntie Deb met Lesley Gore and singed wif her!!! Yessirree.
I fink Faith Boo is tha Dancing Queen.
Let's all dance dance dance...
I love your party......
:: KC dances off.... ::

Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

Hi Billy!!! We LOVEDLOVEDLOVED your WCB Party!! Thanks for hosting and we are still DANCING!!! Mom loves that song by Lesley Gore,too!!
Your TX furiends,

Nikita Cat said...

LOL! Elvira is napping at the moment, but Daddy will be sure to tickle her for you, when she wakes up. ;-D

Great hosting job! ;-D

Anonymous said...

We're tired out from all that dancing! That was a great workout, Billy!