Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dancing Tuesday!

no no no that's not the way!!!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Cat Blogging - aka PARTY TIME

Welcome to Weekend Cat Blogging!

As you know this is mine dancing blog - 'acuase ME loves to DANCEDANCEDANCE!!! So we will haf some fun today reading bloggies and DANCING!!!

oh goodness, Sammy was right? Tell me Cloon - alien, woofie or bird

Abby, ME feels the same way you does about low fat crud. Oh, and Sammy is passed out from swooning ofur you!

Cameron, has a bit of amnesia, and a really cool video!!



Ernie is thinking about a new career

Ok, so the mom lady person here fell for it Flynn ME hopes you felted it all the way akross the pond!!

Hey Sammie and Clemmie!! ME hopes you gotted lots of green papers for that!!

ME is the Dancing Queen!!

oh dear, poor Legend is forced to go on strike!!

Well, ME thinks that there is a Cats wif Jobs theme here today even Noli has one 

Next Week's host Catsynth enjoyed some sun this week - well Luna did 'speshully!

Ok, ME has hearded this song LOTS since the mom lady person does dancing to the oldies video workouts but ME loves this video!


Werd up West40 critters we lives by those werds too (and ME is hopelessly not hip)

Sounds like it was FUNFUNFUN at Derby and Ducky's yesterday!!!

Ok, if you all want to play, leave me your linkie in the comments!!! If you play there will be more dancing!!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Really Annoying Friday

For Miles

This weekend ME is hosting Weekend Cat Blogging! It's kind of like Carnival of the Cats and it will be lots and lots of FUNFUNFUN!!!!! Go through your posts for the week and pick out your favorite, or make a post for the weekend and post that. Leave the linkie here in mine comments and ME will put them together and make it FUNFUNFUN!!!! PLEASE????

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dancing Tuesday!

And the clothes! OH MY CAT!!! ME wants them!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Carnival of the Cats #356

Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats.  We has lots in store for you today - clowns, arial acts, dancing elefants.......... er, um, what Sammy? Oh, it's not THAT kind of carnival.  Oh.  Well, we can still has FUNFUNFUN!!!!

If you are new here and you don't know me, ME is Billy SweetFeets Norton Gingersnap, also knowed as The Orinch Meniss.  And ME loves to DANCEDANCEDANCE!!!

Ok so let's get this party started!!

Nicky, what's up ferst??


Ok, ferst we haf a PSA about some serious stuff that can make us sick from Pyometra

Next we haf a furry funny limerick from Miss Madeleine

Our furry goodest furriend Frostin is sch a joker!!! And yes, it's hard to turn the purr motor off!

TK and Squashies, also wonderful furriends, haf a beautiful femme friday and update post this week!

OH, how about a ride on some carnival rides??

 Ok, well while we recover from being dizzy, how about going to visit some more furriends?

Ofur at Miss Bobbie's they haf a  furry HANDSOME visitor named Henry!!

Mr Scott asks "what's a blog wifout kitties" well - he's right - not much of a blog at all! MOL. 

Eric and Flynn's dad shur gives GREAT scritches! Beans, please take notes.

Ping wants out!!! (ME agrees Ping - ME loves the out! Mine mom lady person gets all mad and yelly though)

Effurryone wants to know What's that Wally doing? Having a funfunfun time!!!!

Ducky is a little high this week!! FUN!!!

Wait! Time for more dancing!!! Irish Style!!!
Well, how about a rest and visit more furriends?

Ok, so the beautiful Samantha and Clementine are showing off their secret paws! ooo la la!!!

And Maverick is showing off HIS secret paws too!!! YOWZA!

Cloon, one of our newest furriends, sellybrated Ukranian Chrissymouse!

Haf you all efur read the Anipal Times? You should - it's FURRY informative!! Go!! Read!!!

we all agree that claw trimming is AWFUL.  You're not alone Ranger!

Elvira and Nikita gotted a cool toy for chrissymouse!!!! And while you're there, check out some other stuff too - like the HYOOGE book they has to read and the concept of a New Year (I'm wif you Elvira - I doesn't unnerstand either- Nicky)

Ok, time to stretch our legs and go on more rides!!!

And maybe more dancing!!!

hee hee - did you see me dancing? I was the last kitty! MOL  - Nicky

Ok who's next?

Ok, well I has to introduce this next one 'acuse mine brofur Billy has a MAJOR thing for Miss Faith Boomerang and right now he's drooling ofur her pikshurs and trying not to pass out.  DUDE - get a grip! She is GORGEOUS though. 

Lessons from a French Kitty!!! Thank you Miss Patti!!

Luna is looking very sleepy and very lovely!

Rosie is working very hard - mainly because beans doesn't understand why we do what we do!

Well that's it for now - if you want to play - just leave a link to your post in the comments!

Ofur at mine furriend Kintaro's house, there's some possible snuggling going on.  but only because of the weather.

Friday, January 7, 2011



Guess what? I's helping BILLY host the Carnival of the Cats this weekend ofur on this blog!!
It's really easy to play - here's what you do:

Leave a comment on this blog with a link to either your favorite post on your blog this past week, OR a new post for the weekend. Or send a email to carnivalofthehcats AT gmail DOT com.  Or go to the Carnival of the Cats home page and follow the submission directions.    Me and Billy does all the rest.  Then you come back to Billy's Blog on Sunday and haf FUN FUN FUN!!!!

Please play?  I's so 'acited!!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dancing Tuesday!

maybe ME should make a remake of STRIPES