Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Carnival of the Cats

Submit your posts in the comments!! Merry Christmas!!!

The very gorgeous Dessert Girls - Truffle and Brulee - wish us all a Merry Christmas and also take a look at their photo hunt post!

Eric has a great new paper bag! I wonder what Flynn got?

Ok, Cokie found the perfect house! OMG IT AMAZING!

Luna is celebrating Hanukkah!!

Samantha Black and Tigger presents Our Very Own Christmas Tree, Christmas Cards & Secret Paw Stuff Sent to Our Secret Paw

Elisson presents MOCHA AND CREAM

meowmeowmans presents Happy Meow-lidays! :)

willow presents Our Secret Paws Gift is here! 

China Cat presents Our Secret Paws Gift is Here!

Nikita Cat presents World is STILL Your Litter Box: More Catnip For the Feline Mind!

Nikita Cat presents The Neighbor's Dog Got Run Over By a Feline

Nikita Cat presents Christmas Eve With Nikita and Elvira

at Mog's they have one Decorating for Christmas

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Cat Blogging -Christmas time!

Tsunami is looking furry cute on wordless wednesday!!
Othello is looking very festive!!!

Angel Sniffie and Ellie showed they could be good for Santy Paws

There are some pretty impressive Holiday Windows over at CatSynth

Cokie has some wonderul stuff to give away! GO CHECK IT OUT!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekend Cat Blogging

Welcome to Weekend Cat Blogging - ME is hosting!!! Leave your linkie in the comments and then I will put your posts up and we will haf FUNFUNFUN!!!!!!!!

This looks like it might haf been fun to go to!

The Anipal Academy Awards are over at Cokie's - go check them out!

Magellan and Penelope are very very snuggly!!

Lookit how cute Eric and Flynn were!!!!

ME thinks being a shop kittie would be fun! Derby and Ducky's mom finded one!

Sally wants to play tub hockey - now that's FUNFUNFUN!!!

Derek is having way too much fun with a nip nanner (and waiting for a forefur home too!)

Concha and Julio are taking it easy today - perhaps they will stop by our nap pile / house trashing party

Bath time is always fun with Sammie and Clemmie

Monday's don't bother cousin Trooper!

Good wishes from the gang at Twinkle Toes Tails!  They always know how to haf fun!

Go and visit the Hotties for this sunday's Carnival of the Cats!!!! FUN!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Carnival of the Cats

Welcome to the Halloween Carnival of the Cats!! Please leave a comment with a link to your post!!!!

Derby and Ducky, you know ME loves you like the Orinch brours I nefur had, but really elebentysebentytwo cats is a little too much - 'speshully if they're all like Nicky

"Count Catula" is trying really hard to be scairty, but efurryone is just too cute!

Sammie, Clemmie and Mavie are really in the Halloween spirit!!!

Animal Shelter Volunteer life is also sellybrating Meow-lo-ween!

Hey Meowza, ME loves the dirt too!

Webster is a cool dood!

Check out Elvira's Hallowscream post! And also what she did to her human! She's awesome

Bernadette can Skype!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend Cat Blogging

HI!! Welcome to Weekend Cat Blogging!! ME is sorry me is late posting- our grampie wented to heaven this morning so our mom lady person was not home.  Remember to leave your linkies in the comments!!!

Hey, first off let's play a REALLY REALLY FUN GAME!!!!

Ok on to more fun

What's more fun than 4 in a Tree?

Maybe winning $25 for a facebook page vote~check it out at Cokies!

Know what else is fun? Occupying your Litterbox!! Just ask Nikita and Elvira!

Birthdays are especially fun! Mine good furriend Mav had a barkday lst week!

The lovely Salome is, well, just lovely!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Here - Weekend of The Carnival of the Cats Blogging

So, WE is werking on a OLD 'puter, so ME apologizes that this post is not up to mine usual standards of FUN. We will try!!!

Oh the lovely Faith Boo ::blushblushblush:: she's so gorgeous!!!

OH MY BAST!! Herman is NEKKID!!!

Sometimes it IS too much of an effort to open your eyes!!

Cousin Trouper is smiling because of some really good news!!!

Cokie has some anipal ak-ro-nyms!!

Ok, efurryone think of your favorite song and DANCEDANCEDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!
Geez, that was lame

There's a new bed ofur at Athena's!

Eric and Flynn are taking their own pikshurs now

Shhhh, don't tell the gang ofur at Twinkletoe Tails about their favorite pillow

Oh, and also check out their Mystery!!

It was MiniMancatMonday ofur at Derby and Ducky's!!

Check out one of the blogosphere's newest, sweetest little kittens! Truffle!!! Extremely squeeee worthy

Jules has stolen Vincent's pillow to watch the cat tv!

By the way - ME is eating real live dead shrimps - want some????

There's some pretty cool cats over at CatSynth

Ok Legend, the people are not supposed to haf a social life, so no apologies are necessary

You and Tsunami look furry content napping though

Cyndi meets Cricket ofur at Jan's

Maddie proves that morning brushies ROCK

Nikita and Elvira want to know how to handle foot whisperers in their house!

Gattina - all along the watchtower!


Cosequin for cats!  why not!  Also, vitamins are good too!

Oh Meowza, that's mine favorite thing to do!!

Mine bestest furriend efur The Red Meniss, is DANCINGDANCINGDANCING!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekend Cat Blogging and Carnival of the Cats

Weekend Cat Blogging and Carnival of the Cats is coming - howefur the mom lady person's 'puter puked a hairball and ME has to help fix it 'acause the mom cannot make the entire post on her cell phone.  Please leaf your linkie here and ME will fix the 'puter as fast as ME can!!!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's mine Purrfday!!!

Welcome to mine purrfday party!!! ME is 4 today!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!! Haf fun - we is going to sing and dance and PLAYPLAYPLAY and EATEATEAT!!!!!!

First dance - this is for mine mom lady person - her favorite 80's song

time for some foods!!



Let's all sing!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Carnival of the Weekend Cat Bloggers

Welcome to Weekend Cat Blogging AND Carnival of the Cats!!!! Weekend Cat Blogging is in honor of the wonderful Sher!

Let's get this ball rolling with some awesome carnival foods!

Miss Chloe turned 19 this week! That is really reason to celebrate!!

Smudge is looking great for his tribute to Sher!

Samantha and Clemmie's mom gotted hurt (and they are thankful for the purrrss!)  and their carnival from last weekend is now up too! COOL!!!!

Derby and Ducky are 2 pretty cool Ginger men - just like ME!

Abby had some very interesting guests this week


Ashie and Ethan have a weekend post in honor of Sher!

It's Caturday with Catsparella - go get caught up on the news, but don't forget to come back and PLAYPLAYPLAY!!

WOW!! Eddie Mildew is going to college!!!! 

Luna is paying tribute to Sher too!!

Rosie and Arthur are always happy to have a visitor!

Here's a carnival game - ofur at Friends Forever you have to guess the toes!!

So Sweet Praline's Mom has started a new blog for her future kittehs!!!

Ritzi looks a little peeved at hafing her pikshur taken!

Over at Kazoku Neko it's an Easy Sunday!

Time for more foods and play!!!  Corn dog anyone??

OH SQUEEEEEEEEE!! There is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much cuteness going on here!

Earlier in the week it was Miss Elvira's Gotcha Day!!

The beautiful Miss Maddie at StrangeRanger has to go to the v-e-t Tuesday! PURRRSSSS to you!

Speaking of the v-e-t, Miss Elvira and Professor Nikita went last week - with some interesting results

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weekend Cat Blogging and Carnival of the Cats

This weekend I am hosting Weekend Cat Blogging - in honor of the great and wonderful Sher and also Carnival of the Cats.  So lets have a great weekend honoring Sher with a wonderful party! Please leave your links in the comments!

Friday, July 8, 2011


So, ME likes to DANCE!! ME dance wif the mom lady person and it's FUNFUNFUN!!!

This is one of mine favorite songs to dance to!

UM, ok, that was a little weerd! MOL

HEY! This looks like FUN!!!!

Maybe ME should think about training the slugs that like to crawl on the moms begetables in the garden

ME wants a bloo suit like this - it would go well wif mine orinch furs!!!

Fank you for dancing wif me today - and for making MINE week so happy!!!! Next week Nicky Week on the Meezers blog!


Thursday, July 7, 2011


YAY!!! It's still mine week!!!

One fimg that ME likes to do it GO OUTSIDE!! ME WANTS OUT!!! ME like to run out the door ALL THE TIME.  When the mom lady person has her hands full brining stuffs inside ME likes to run out just 'afore the door closes.  ME will run to the driveway and flop down and WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE!! Then ME gets up and RUN RUN RUN into the road!!! That makes the mom lady person SCREAM and run out into the road to pick ME up.  THEN the naybors come and say HI to ME!! They ALL LOVE ME. 

Sometimes the mom lady person puts mine harness on and ME can go play in the grass!! ME LOVES that. 

ME is mighty bug hunter!!!!! ME is mighty ORINCH LION!!!!!

Tomorrow WE IS ALL DANCING!!!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Billy Wednesday

It's Billy Week!! Today ME wants to talk about mine woofie furriend! ME LOVES WOOFIES.

Mine bestest furriend is MAXX

Maxx lives in the house that Miles was borned in.  Maxx was there when Miles was borned, but Miles HATES him.  He hisses at him all the time.  ME thinks that Maxx scairt Miles when he was a little babycat and that's why Miles hates him.  Nicky likes Maxx and Sammy maybe likes him - ME thinks Sammy really doesn't care one way or the ofur.

Maxx comes to visit ME sometimes - since his human mommy wented to the people bridge last year he has 'behavior prollems' when he's home alone so he comes to visit us on some weekend days when his human daddy has to go out.  He goes to woofie daycare during the week.  ME has nefur seen any arts and crafts or anyfing that he has made, so ME doesn't know what woofies do in woofie day care.

We likes to play games like "who has a bigger mouf" and "lion tamer" where I put mine head in his mouf.  We also likes to play fetch and chase and ME likes to play 'vampire' (that's what we're playing in the pikshur). 

Maxx is a American Eskimo woofie so he likes to play in the snow and he doesn't like the hots. 

ME misses him when he's not here, but the mom lady person says he cannot move in wif us - his human daddy needs him 'acuase he's all alone now.  ME told her that ME would move in wif Maxx, but the mom lady person said she would cry if ME did that.  ME doesn't want the mom lady person to cry. 

ME would love to haf mine own woofie - maybe ME will start a petishun!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's ME WEEK!!!

It's ME week. ME gets to talk all about ME all week! How cool is that!!

The mom lady person said I should start wif mine gotcha story.  So here it is.

ME was borned somewhere in the late summer - ME doesn't 'amember if ME hadded a home wif people, but if ME did then ME didn't spend much time inside at all.  ME thinks that ME finded a woofie to take care of ME, 'acause I LOVES WOOFIES!! ALL WOOFIES!!!

Anyway, ME lived outside alot and ME was sick.  ME hadded prollems breathing and ME hadded somefing wrong wif mine eye 'acause ME could not see out of it.  ME also hadded a HUGE sore unner mine chin that was furry 'fekted.  ME was getting sicker and sicker.  One day ME was looking for some foods in a huge place that hadded lots of metal machines staying in it.  ME was hanging out near the edge when ME spotted a lady getting into her metal machine. ME hollered at her.  She didn't hear me so ME hollered louder.  She lookded around and seed me and ME hollered lots more at her.  She was not real far from me and she opened the door to her metal machine and told me that if ME wanted to go wif her, to get in her machine.  ME ranned to her and she helped put ME in the metal machine.  She lookded at me and thought ME was really really sick and might run off to the Bridge so she bringed me to her house.  She set up a 'partment for me and gived me some warm foods, washded me up and wrapped me in warm towels.  ME was so happy.  The next day she taked me back in the metal machine and ME was so afraid that she was going to bring ME back where she finded me.  ME was so sick and sad.  She helded me and saided that she was going to take me to someplace where she would make me feel better.  She taked me to the v-e-t.  ME meeted some really nice people there.  They poked me and weighted me and looked in mine mouf.  The v-e-t said that ME was about 6 monfs old, but really really teeny tiny - ME didn't efen weight 2 pounds. They saided that ME was blind in one eye, prolly from herpes from mine mommy kitty (me doesn't efen 'amember her)  They fixded mine chin and gived me medicines and the lady taked me to her house again and tolded me that it was MINE house too! I meeted 2 meezer kitties but ME was not allowed to be around them until ME gotted better, so ME hadded to live in mine 'partment.  ME loved to snuggle wif mine mom lady person and when ME felted better ME gotted to play wif the meezer kitties. 

Here are pikshurs of ME when ME camed to live here

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Cat Blogging

ME is so sorry to get this post up late! The Grammie-Lady-Person is still in the hospital and mine Mom Lady Person just forgets about doing ANYFING wif ME. 

Please leave a linkie for me to post somefing for you!!!!

So, welcome to Billy Land (or cheezland.  MOL).  Sit back and haf some funs - here we go!!

The beautiful Missy Blue Eyes has some beautiful favorite things (not to menshun a couple of furry beautiful sisfurs - KC and ::blushblushblush:: FaithBoo!)

Eric and Flynn haf some fun Friday Flashback pikshurs!! (personally ME does not see anyfing wrong wif Eric in the box!)

Check out Luna's cool pikshur!!! And she's hosting Carnival of the Cats too!

Me will be right back... the ice scream truck's coming......

Sammie and Clemmie look like they're hafing LOTS of FUN

Hey Ellie, haf you figured out how to make that thing NOT flash?

So, Cloon has got some help (?) from the Marmots for his landscaping projekt. 

um, ok, the door's open, ME will be right back

Maybe ME will meet the lovely Jasmine out there!

Oh this make me sad - it's Angel Sweet Praline's last post.  ME loves you Angel Sweet Praline.

Derby gotted some good revenge on his mom lady person


heh, check out mine brofurs from ofur mothers! ORINCH ROOLS, right Kitikata-san?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Carnival of the Weekend Cat Blogging Cats - Mom Lady Person's Day Edishun

Me is hosting Weekend Cat Blogging AND Carnival of the Cats AND it's Mom Lady Person's Day!!!

Happy Mom Lady Person's Day

Help yourselfs to the Buffet!!!

Samantha, Clemmie and Maverick has LOTS of wonderful pikshurs to share

Oh SQUEEEEEEEEEEE - Penelope is just too cute!!

It's Yoko's 18th gotcha day - HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!!!

It's a FURRY speshul Mommy's Day for Katie - get ready to SQUEEEEEEEEEE your brains out!

More SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE from another Penelope - she's waaaaaaaaaay to cute to be so naughty

Luna's looking furry digital

How about some more foods? And maybe a cattail?

Please go visit Judi and consider helping those who haf lost so much in Alabama from the tornadoes

I think mine brofur Nicky is STILL watching cat tv wif the beautiful Myst

Cotton has a GREAT video of a really cook klepto kitty!

Miss Gracie has a wondeful story about a very lucky tuxie kitty! It's a must read

Cute bellies from Sammie and Clemmie!

A Mother's Day wish from PAWS

Halle is looking lovely being a couch potato

Hey, how about some desserts?

And maybe some dancing cats?

Derby and Ducky are trying not to let their mom know they are waiting for her

Allie is a little confused about where to sleep

So, mine furriend ::blushblushblush:: the gorgeous ::blushblushblush:: Miss Faith Boo entered a contest about hairballs and didn't win - it didn't efen get posted on the contest page- and then she was gonna send it to ME 'acuase ME would haf LOVED it - but they throwed it out.  

Speaking of the gorgeous ::blushblushblush:: Miss Faith Boo - that was some wild Cinquo De Mayo party they had - and ME didn't efen see any mayonnaise!!

Kashim, Othello and Salome must REALLY love their mom, 'acause they're wishing her Happy Mother's Day - TWICE!

Hey Tsunami, you must be mine brofur Nicky's long lost el destructo twin!

Athena has some great tek-neek with her fling-a-ma-string

Elvira is defending us cats' patriotism!!

There's a new look going on over there at Nikita and Elvira's - have you checked it out?

Mr Gattina has gone to Italy, and Arthur is in a tizzy!

There are some kitteh's with some serious hair issues over at Hair Loss Hell!

It was an easy sunday over at Mog's!

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's mine turn again

ME is hosting Carnival of the Cats again!!! YAY!!!! Please leave me a comment wif your linkie!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Avenchur

So, ME has been wheezy and sick and coffing and stuff lately.  The mom lady person was werking at home and said "Me is going to take YOU to the v-e-t tonite".  ME saided Mom Lady Person ME does not want to go. But she grabbed me and threw me in a sack and kidnapped me (uh, Billy darling, tell them what REALLY happened).  Oh, ok - she opened the door and ME ranned out to the driveway and THEN she throwed me in a sack and kidnapped me.  (SIGH.  I picked you up and put a blanket over your head because it was RAINING and COLD).  Uh................ oh yeah.  That's it. 

Then ME gotted in the metal machine and drived us to the v-e-t.  ME is a very good driver.  (Billy SweetFeets Norton Gingersnap, tell the truth). Ok the mom lady person putted me in mine PTU and SHE drived me to the v-e-t. Then she gotted me out of mine PTU and bringed me into the v-e-t office.  We sitted down and there was LOTS of peoples there and some WOOFIES and ME hadded to go meet them - so ME scratched the mom and gotted down and ranned up to the woofies.  ME saided HI and they was all very nice to me.  The v-e-t ladies was laffin and laffin and one of the woofies furriends said to the mom lady person that he has nefur seen his woofie like a kitty 'afore!  ME was proud.

Then we wented into the pokey room and the mom lady person putted me on the table and ME jumped down and RANNED out the door and down the hall.  One of the v-e-t ladies catched me and bringed me back, but she was laffing and laffing. 

THEN the pokey v-e-t lady camed in and poked me.  She looked in mine bad eye and ME did not like that at all.  Then she looked in mine mouf and ME did not like that eifur.  THEN she putted something in mine ear wif a light on it and ME did not like that eifur.  She saided somefing about looking for pollywogs in mine ears but she didn't find any (um, polyps Billy?).  Oh, maybe that was it.  HEY, who's telling this story mom lady person?  Ok, so then she gotted this glass slide thing and PLUGGED UP MINE NOSE until  ME turned blue and passed out.  (really?).  oh,  ok, she putted it up to mine one side of mine nose and plugged the other and looked to see if ME was breathing.  Turns out that ME was NOT breathing on mine right side!! (which is also the same side as mine bad eye). 

So, then she and the mom lady person talked about lots of stuffs.  I could haf pollywogs in mine NOSE.  They would haf to try and find a small teeny tube and stick it all the way up mine nose.  OR they could do a MRI to see if ME has pollywogs or cancer or somefing.   But to do that they would needs to steal mine pee and bloods, take nekkid pikshurs of mine lungs and THEN make me sleepy and take other nekkid pikshurs of mine head. 

For now until the mom lady person 'acides if she wants to make me do all that, the v-e-t putted me on aunti's biotiks to see if that makes me breathe better.  If not, then we will haf to find the green papers to get mine insides looked at. 

ME hadded lots of FUN at the v-e-t.  When they camed in the room to get the green papers 3 of the v-e-t ladies camed in and played wif me - they petted mine belly when I wiggled all ofur the floor, they picked me up and played kissy-face wif me. 

That was mine avenchur. It was great 'cept the part about hafing to haf more stuffs done to me. 

(uh, Billy there was one more thing on your report card from the v-e-t that you should talk about).

oh, does ME has to Mom Lady Person?

(you should)

ME has to lose 3 pounds.  ME weights 15 pounds and 12 1/2 ounces and the v-e-t says ME is,, uh......... tubby.  (HEY BILLY!! YOU'RE FAT!!! - MILES). 

'skuse me, ME has to go sit on mine brofur....................

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dancing Tuesday

This is for all of you 80's children and teens

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dancing Tuesday

Khyra and MsKhyra'sMom  - this is for you!!!

ME loves this!!!!

ME gots to BOOGIE

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Carnival of the Cats - Party Party Party!!

Welcome to Carnival of the Cats!!! If you don't know how to play, just read the entire post and then decide which one of your blog posts you would like to share (and it's a good way to get new readers to your blog too!)

So, to start us off Noll springs eternal!!!

Derby and Ducky are napping and using really big werds!

This is pretty cool! The werld from Eric's point of view!!

Black has a new chair! it's pretty spiffy!

AHHHHH a two headed girl diva cat!!! TOTALLY PAWSOME!!!

It's hunting time at The Poupounette!!! Good job!!!

Time for some dance lessons! ME loves to dance!!!

Ichiro and Chey had an interesting photo shoot this past week!

Kalimah is a fashionista and a diva - and beautiful!

Mine sort of sisfur-in-law Sanjee is rassling wif some werms or somefing - it looks complicated (but FUNFUNUN!!!)

Mine goodest furriend the RED MENISS (aka Tenzing) is eating lady fingers!!  NOM NOM NOM!!!!

Mine ofur goodest furriend Galletta gotted to go where ME wants to go - OUT!!!

Skittles  er Agent99's yoga classes are always pawsome (mainly 'acause there's HAM after!)

Sammie and Clemmie started the fun yesterday!! Get back Honky Cat!!

Can YOU spot the Orinch cats? MOL

Check out The Elvira Factor #5!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend cat blogging

Leave ME a link for mine weekend cat blogging post it will be FUNFUNFUN

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dancing Tuesday!

oh how ME wishes ME could dance like this!!!

But ME will try!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mine Gotcha Day Party

Yesterday was mine gotcha day! 3 years ago, ME finded mine mom lady person in the parking lot of the grocery store.  ME hollered at her and she lookded at ME and said "well if you want to come home wif me get over here and I will take you home".  ME thought about it for a long time and then ME cashually walked ofur to her.  ok, ME ranned to her.  ME had been lifing outside in the cold since ME was borned.  ME does not know what happened to mine cat mommy ME was all by mineself.  ME is so happy that ME has a wonderful forefur home and the bestest mom lady person EFUR. 

So, welcome to mine party!!! There's lots of foods and lots of dancing.

This is 'speshully for mine furriend Khyra!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Mine Gotcha Day

Happy Gotcha Day to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow ME will haf a HUGE party and DANCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dancing Tuesday Triple Play!

It's the latest............ it's the greatest!

shake it up baby!!

na nana nananananananana..........

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dancing Tuesday!

no no no that's not the way!!!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Cat Blogging - aka PARTY TIME

Welcome to Weekend Cat Blogging!

As you know this is mine dancing blog - 'acuase ME loves to DANCEDANCEDANCE!!! So we will haf some fun today reading bloggies and DANCING!!!

oh goodness, Sammy was right? Tell me Cloon - alien, woofie or bird

Abby, ME feels the same way you does about low fat crud. Oh, and Sammy is passed out from swooning ofur you!

Cameron, has a bit of amnesia, and a really cool video!!



Ernie is thinking about a new career

Ok, so the mom lady person here fell for it Flynn ME hopes you felted it all the way akross the pond!!

Hey Sammie and Clemmie!! ME hopes you gotted lots of green papers for that!!

ME is the Dancing Queen!!

oh dear, poor Legend is forced to go on strike!!

Well, ME thinks that there is a Cats wif Jobs theme here today even Noli has one 

Next Week's host Catsynth enjoyed some sun this week - well Luna did 'speshully!

Ok, ME has hearded this song LOTS since the mom lady person does dancing to the oldies video workouts but ME loves this video!


Werd up West40 critters we lives by those werds too (and ME is hopelessly not hip)

Sounds like it was FUNFUNFUN at Derby and Ducky's yesterday!!!

Ok, if you all want to play, leave me your linkie in the comments!!! If you play there will be more dancing!!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Really Annoying Friday

For Miles

This weekend ME is hosting Weekend Cat Blogging! It's kind of like Carnival of the Cats and it will be lots and lots of FUNFUNFUN!!!!! Go through your posts for the week and pick out your favorite, or make a post for the weekend and post that. Leave the linkie here in mine comments and ME will put them together and make it FUNFUNFUN!!!! PLEASE????

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dancing Tuesday!

And the clothes! OH MY CAT!!! ME wants them!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Carnival of the Cats #356

Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats.  We has lots in store for you today - clowns, arial acts, dancing elefants.......... er, um, what Sammy? Oh, it's not THAT kind of carnival.  Oh.  Well, we can still has FUNFUNFUN!!!!

If you are new here and you don't know me, ME is Billy SweetFeets Norton Gingersnap, also knowed as The Orinch Meniss.  And ME loves to DANCEDANCEDANCE!!!

Ok so let's get this party started!!

Nicky, what's up ferst??


Ok, ferst we haf a PSA about some serious stuff that can make us sick from Pyometra

Next we haf a furry funny limerick from Miss Madeleine

Our furry goodest furriend Frostin is sch a joker!!! And yes, it's hard to turn the purr motor off!

TK and Squashies, also wonderful furriends, haf a beautiful femme friday and update post this week!

OH, how about a ride on some carnival rides??

 Ok, well while we recover from being dizzy, how about going to visit some more furriends?

Ofur at Miss Bobbie's they haf a  furry HANDSOME visitor named Henry!!

Mr Scott asks "what's a blog wifout kitties" well - he's right - not much of a blog at all! MOL. 

Eric and Flynn's dad shur gives GREAT scritches! Beans, please take notes.

Ping wants out!!! (ME agrees Ping - ME loves the out! Mine mom lady person gets all mad and yelly though)

Effurryone wants to know What's that Wally doing? Having a funfunfun time!!!!

Ducky is a little high this week!! FUN!!!

Wait! Time for more dancing!!! Irish Style!!!
Well, how about a rest and visit more furriends?

Ok, so the beautiful Samantha and Clementine are showing off their secret paws! ooo la la!!!

And Maverick is showing off HIS secret paws too!!! YOWZA!

Cloon, one of our newest furriends, sellybrated Ukranian Chrissymouse!

Haf you all efur read the Anipal Times? You should - it's FURRY informative!! Go!! Read!!!

we all agree that claw trimming is AWFUL.  You're not alone Ranger!

Elvira and Nikita gotted a cool toy for chrissymouse!!!! And while you're there, check out some other stuff too - like the HYOOGE book they has to read and the concept of a New Year (I'm wif you Elvira - I doesn't unnerstand either- Nicky)

Ok, time to stretch our legs and go on more rides!!!

And maybe more dancing!!!

hee hee - did you see me dancing? I was the last kitty! MOL  - Nicky

Ok who's next?

Ok, well I has to introduce this next one 'acuse mine brofur Billy has a MAJOR thing for Miss Faith Boomerang and right now he's drooling ofur her pikshurs and trying not to pass out.  DUDE - get a grip! She is GORGEOUS though. 

Lessons from a French Kitty!!! Thank you Miss Patti!!

Luna is looking very sleepy and very lovely!

Rosie is working very hard - mainly because beans doesn't understand why we do what we do!

Well that's it for now - if you want to play - just leave a link to your post in the comments!

Ofur at mine furriend Kintaro's house, there's some possible snuggling going on.  but only because of the weather.