Sunday, May 8, 2011

Carnival of the Weekend Cat Blogging Cats - Mom Lady Person's Day Edishun

Me is hosting Weekend Cat Blogging AND Carnival of the Cats AND it's Mom Lady Person's Day!!!

Happy Mom Lady Person's Day

Help yourselfs to the Buffet!!!

Samantha, Clemmie and Maverick has LOTS of wonderful pikshurs to share

Oh SQUEEEEEEEEEEE - Penelope is just too cute!!

It's Yoko's 18th gotcha day - HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!!!

It's a FURRY speshul Mommy's Day for Katie - get ready to SQUEEEEEEEEEE your brains out!

More SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE from another Penelope - she's waaaaaaaaaay to cute to be so naughty

Luna's looking furry digital

How about some more foods? And maybe a cattail?

Please go visit Judi and consider helping those who haf lost so much in Alabama from the tornadoes

I think mine brofur Nicky is STILL watching cat tv wif the beautiful Myst

Cotton has a GREAT video of a really cook klepto kitty!

Miss Gracie has a wondeful story about a very lucky tuxie kitty! It's a must read

Cute bellies from Sammie and Clemmie!

A Mother's Day wish from PAWS

Halle is looking lovely being a couch potato

Hey, how about some desserts?

And maybe some dancing cats?

Derby and Ducky are trying not to let their mom know they are waiting for her

Allie is a little confused about where to sleep

So, mine furriend ::blushblushblush:: the gorgeous ::blushblushblush:: Miss Faith Boo entered a contest about hairballs and didn't win - it didn't efen get posted on the contest page- and then she was gonna send it to ME 'acuase ME would haf LOVED it - but they throwed it out.  

Speaking of the gorgeous ::blushblushblush:: Miss Faith Boo - that was some wild Cinquo De Mayo party they had - and ME didn't efen see any mayonnaise!!

Kashim, Othello and Salome must REALLY love their mom, 'acause they're wishing her Happy Mother's Day - TWICE!

Hey Tsunami, you must be mine brofur Nicky's long lost el destructo twin!

Athena has some great tek-neek with her fling-a-ma-string

Elvira is defending us cats' patriotism!!

There's a new look going on over there at Nikita and Elvira's - have you checked it out?

Mr Gattina has gone to Italy, and Arthur is in a tizzy!

There are some kitteh's with some serious hair issues over at Hair Loss Hell!

It was an easy sunday over at Mog's!

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's mine turn again

ME is hosting Carnival of the Cats again!!! YAY!!!! Please leave me a comment wif your linkie!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Avenchur

So, ME has been wheezy and sick and coffing and stuff lately.  The mom lady person was werking at home and said "Me is going to take YOU to the v-e-t tonite".  ME saided Mom Lady Person ME does not want to go. But she grabbed me and threw me in a sack and kidnapped me (uh, Billy darling, tell them what REALLY happened).  Oh, ok - she opened the door and ME ranned out to the driveway and THEN she throwed me in a sack and kidnapped me.  (SIGH.  I picked you up and put a blanket over your head because it was RAINING and COLD).  Uh................ oh yeah.  That's it. 

Then ME gotted in the metal machine and drived us to the v-e-t.  ME is a very good driver.  (Billy SweetFeets Norton Gingersnap, tell the truth). Ok the mom lady person putted me in mine PTU and SHE drived me to the v-e-t. Then she gotted me out of mine PTU and bringed me into the v-e-t office.  We sitted down and there was LOTS of peoples there and some WOOFIES and ME hadded to go meet them - so ME scratched the mom and gotted down and ranned up to the woofies.  ME saided HI and they was all very nice to me.  The v-e-t ladies was laffin and laffin and one of the woofies furriends said to the mom lady person that he has nefur seen his woofie like a kitty 'afore!  ME was proud.

Then we wented into the pokey room and the mom lady person putted me on the table and ME jumped down and RANNED out the door and down the hall.  One of the v-e-t ladies catched me and bringed me back, but she was laffing and laffing. 

THEN the pokey v-e-t lady camed in and poked me.  She looked in mine bad eye and ME did not like that at all.  Then she looked in mine mouf and ME did not like that eifur.  THEN she putted something in mine ear wif a light on it and ME did not like that eifur.  She saided somefing about looking for pollywogs in mine ears but she didn't find any (um, polyps Billy?).  Oh, maybe that was it.  HEY, who's telling this story mom lady person?  Ok, so then she gotted this glass slide thing and PLUGGED UP MINE NOSE until  ME turned blue and passed out.  (really?).  oh,  ok, she putted it up to mine one side of mine nose and plugged the other and looked to see if ME was breathing.  Turns out that ME was NOT breathing on mine right side!! (which is also the same side as mine bad eye). 

So, then she and the mom lady person talked about lots of stuffs.  I could haf pollywogs in mine NOSE.  They would haf to try and find a small teeny tube and stick it all the way up mine nose.  OR they could do a MRI to see if ME has pollywogs or cancer or somefing.   But to do that they would needs to steal mine pee and bloods, take nekkid pikshurs of mine lungs and THEN make me sleepy and take other nekkid pikshurs of mine head. 

For now until the mom lady person 'acides if she wants to make me do all that, the v-e-t putted me on aunti's biotiks to see if that makes me breathe better.  If not, then we will haf to find the green papers to get mine insides looked at. 

ME hadded lots of FUN at the v-e-t.  When they camed in the room to get the green papers 3 of the v-e-t ladies camed in and played wif me - they petted mine belly when I wiggled all ofur the floor, they picked me up and played kissy-face wif me. 

That was mine avenchur. It was great 'cept the part about hafing to haf more stuffs done to me. 

(uh, Billy there was one more thing on your report card from the v-e-t that you should talk about).

oh, does ME has to Mom Lady Person?

(you should)

ME has to lose 3 pounds.  ME weights 15 pounds and 12 1/2 ounces and the v-e-t says ME is,, uh......... tubby.  (HEY BILLY!! YOU'RE FAT!!! - MILES). 

'skuse me, ME has to go sit on mine brofur....................