Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Carnival of the Cats

Submit your posts in the comments!! Merry Christmas!!!

The very gorgeous Dessert Girls - Truffle and Brulee - wish us all a Merry Christmas and also take a look at their photo hunt post!

Eric has a great new paper bag! I wonder what Flynn got?

Ok, Cokie found the perfect house! OMG IT AMAZING!

Luna is celebrating Hanukkah!!

Samantha Black and Tigger presents Our Very Own Christmas Tree, Christmas Cards & Secret Paw Stuff Sent to Our Secret Paw

Elisson presents MOCHA AND CREAM

meowmeowmans presents Happy Meow-lidays! :)

willow presents Our Secret Paws Gift is here! 

China Cat presents Our Secret Paws Gift is Here!

Nikita Cat presents World is STILL Your Litter Box: More Catnip For the Feline Mind!

Nikita Cat presents The Neighbor's Dog Got Run Over By a Feline

Nikita Cat presents Christmas Eve With Nikita and Elvira

at Mog's they have one Decorating for Christmas

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Cat Blogging -Christmas time!

Tsunami is looking furry cute on wordless wednesday!!
Othello is looking very festive!!!

Angel Sniffie and Ellie showed they could be good for Santy Paws

There are some pretty impressive Holiday Windows over at CatSynth

Cokie has some wonderul stuff to give away! GO CHECK IT OUT!!!