Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Cat Blogging

ME is so sorry to get this post up late! The Grammie-Lady-Person is still in the hospital and mine Mom Lady Person just forgets about doing ANYFING wif ME. 

Please leave a linkie for me to post somefing for you!!!!

So, welcome to Billy Land (or cheezland.  MOL).  Sit back and haf some funs - here we go!!

The beautiful Missy Blue Eyes has some beautiful favorite things (not to menshun a couple of furry beautiful sisfurs - KC and ::blushblushblush:: FaithBoo!)

Eric and Flynn haf some fun Friday Flashback pikshurs!! (personally ME does not see anyfing wrong wif Eric in the box!)

Check out Luna's cool pikshur!!! And she's hosting Carnival of the Cats too!

Me will be right back... the ice scream truck's coming......

Sammie and Clemmie look like they're hafing LOTS of FUN

Hey Ellie, haf you figured out how to make that thing NOT flash?

So, Cloon has got some help (?) from the Marmots for his landscaping projekt. 

um, ok, the door's open, ME will be right back

Maybe ME will meet the lovely Jasmine out there!

Oh this make me sad - it's Angel Sweet Praline's last post.  ME loves you Angel Sweet Praline.

Derby gotted some good revenge on his mom lady person


heh, check out mine brofurs from ofur mothers! ORINCH ROOLS, right Kitikata-san?


KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

We's so sorry to hear that The Grammie-Lady-Person is still in tha hospital.
I's leaving a link to a neat post this past week called "Missy's Favorite Things". It's about mine big sisfur, Missy Blue Eyes, and some stuff she likes.
Love & Purrs,

pee ess: Here's that linky-fingy:

pee ess: Faith Boomerang says hi and wants to know iffen you can telerport over later????

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We are sorry to hear that the Grammie-Lady-Person is still in the hospital and hope she is soon feeling better. We have given you the link for our Fridays Favourite Fotos Flashback.

catsynth said...

We're sorry to hear that the Grammie-Lady-Person is in the hospital. We are sending healing thoughts for her.

Here is our post for this week.

We are also hosting Carnival of the Cats this weekend.

Samantha & Mom said...

We are purrring for the Grammie-Lady person, too!! And with lots of hugss and healing prayers for her!!

Here is our post for this weeks WCB!! Thanks for hosting when Mom is very busy!!

HUGSSSSSSSSSSSS from your TX furiends,

The Florida Furkids said...

We hope the Grammie-Lady person is better soon.

Here's our post:

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Natalie said...

Sorry to hear about the Grammie-Lady being in hospital, I hope she is better soon!

I'm taking part in the Weekend Cat Blogging, here's the link to my post :)

Clooney said...

We are very sorry to hear about your Grammie and will send our best thoughts and purrs to you all. Here is our WCB entry:

meowmeowmans said...

We are very sorry to hear about the Grammie-Lady-Person being in the hospital. We will purr and pray that she gets better soon.

Here is our WCB post:

Thanks, Billy.

Just Ducky said...

Mum has been outside all day. Here is a link for you. Purrs to your mum and grammie.

Sweet Purrfections said...

So sorry that Grammie-Lady-Person is in the hospital. I hope she is better soon.

Angel Sweet Praline's last post is up today (Sunday).

Mom Paula

Kitikata-san said...

Sorry about the Grammy Lady. I hope she gets better really soon! We understand over here. Lots of times I get dinner late because Grammy or Grampy people go to the hospital.

Here is my WCB post.

Pip said...

Dis a very nice carnival, Billy. We hopes you gets some icy creams!
We is purring and puraying fur your Grammie.

Ariel said...

Great post and thanks for all the info.Yet I want to know how your doing?

Cat Wisdom 101 said...

Calling clever kitties for "caption me" contest. Win a rare, vintage lithograph of cats.